SATT Platform

Serialization, Aggregation and Traceability Platform
for pharmaceutical companies.

What We Offer

SATT PLATFORM is an end-to-end technology for serialization,
aggregation, and track and trace for pharmaceutical companies.

It is fully adapted to the needs of:

Marketing Authorization Holders

Single-site manufacturers

 Parallel Distributors

Multinational pharma organizations


Contract Manufacturing Organization

Third-party logistics (3PLs)


The solution provides generation of serial and aggregation numbers, data exchange and management of the production processes and lines, and secure external connection among all partners (MAH, CMO, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, etc.) and production sites with each other as well as bidirectional communication and reporting to National and International Authorities.
SATT PLATFORM ensures all relevant external and internal reports.

Visibility and Transparency

Track and Trace software that enables
management of all serialization,
aggregation and regulatory data within
your business partners.

Management of serialization data

A complete and easy for implement
solution for managing all serialization
and aggregation processes of the
factory and automatically generation of
serialization and aggregation reports to
the Authorities.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance software enables
EU FMD, US DSCSA, Brazil RDC and
Chinese DAL compliances ensuring data
integrity, connectivity and integration.
The solution gives access to all your
compliance information in one place for
easy accessibility and manageability.

Prevent counterfeiting of drugsImplementation of serialization, aggregation and traceability in pharmaceutical production protect public health and business resilience by preventing revenue losses and providing brand protection, supply chain visibility and transparency.

Positive outcomes

All stakeholders have in place minimum cases of counterfeiting and reduced costs by a transparent and efficient end-to-end solution and secure communication within the supply chain in compliance with all regulations.


Serialization and traceability enhance the safety and visibility of the supply chain.

However, often as a new process in pharma production, it can be a challenge to be adapted to existing production equipment, business processes and IT systems, not interacting easily with multiple third-party systems and without extensive setup after regulatory updates.

Ideal solution

Supply chain players aim to implement a reliable end-to-end system that can provide:

 Advanced technology for serialization and aggregation data management
 Flexibility to interact with multiple third-party systems
 Secure data exchange with any external Partners’ systems
 Seamless integration into existing internal systems
 Prompt reporting to the Authorities by a stable connection without downtimes through regulatory updates

Benefits of SATT PLATFORM using Azure

To ensure high availability, maximum security and seamless scalability, Serialization, Aggregation and Traceability Platform is hosted on a future-ready cloud environment.

Security to protect data

Automated backups & disaster recovery

Scalability without latency

Data Security
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What our customers are saying

"The SATT PLATFORM enables full traceability of each individual package , collective packages and pallets in supply chain. It is charatectized by high level of reliability and business integrity."
- Michal Wika
Manager Operations, Phytopharm Kleka

Configurable & Customizable Software

  • User-friendly interface with multi-language setup

  • Multi-market compliance solution

  • Adaptable & configure platform adhering to the existing production process

  • Structured customized reports, converted in the required file format

  • Unlimited serial & aggregation numbers generation

SATT PLATFORM is a SaaS solution which enables global compliances and provide end-to-end traceability for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Regulatory Compliance software enables EUFMD, USDSCSA, Brazil RDC and Chinese DAL compliances ensuring data integrity, connectivity and integration. The solution gives access to all your compliance information in one place for easy accessibility and manageability. Prompt reporting to the EMVO, supporting all events and messages Readiness to establish a connection to any other regulatory system

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  • Automatic/Semi-automatic or manual secured data exchange with any external Partners’ systems Smart Customized Internal & External Reports Fully adapted services to the existing production processes Automatic connection to IT systems (EPR, WMS) in place

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  • A complete and easy for implement solution for managing all serialization and aggregation processes of the factory and automatically generation of serialization and aggregation reports to the Authorities.

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